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Welcome to Ria Tours and Travels.

Ria tours and travels was established in 2006 and provides a full spectrum of travel related services.

Ria Tours & Travels has, over the years, evolved into being one of the Travel Management companies in the India, servicing over corporate companies, groups and individuals.

Ria Tours & Travels is a major player in the region and given our local positioning combined with the considerable regional presence of our partners we will provide unmatched services for the management of your travel needs.

Ria Tours & Travels has a strong and wide spread service relationship with all its suppliers and vendors on a local, regional and global level. Ria Tours & Travels leads in areas of a wide range of travel products and services, hotel programs, effective negotiation of International & Domestic air-deals and are structured to provide a quality service at an optimum cost.

The quality of service and standard of excellence offered and delivered by Ria Tours & Travels to its corporate and individual travellers is central to the Organizations’ business objectives. Company’s business objective is to provide Good, Convenient and Reliable services to our customers. We also firmly believe the importance of establishing Relationships of Trust in our entire business endeavour.

Our many worldwide associates enable Ria Tours & Travels to offer a comprehensive range of products and services including world - wide hotel reservations, car rentals, cruises, conference, leisure and holidays, inbound and outbound tours and incentive travel programs.

Ria Tours & Travels is fully equipped to manage its clients’ needs, every step of the way and continually looks for innovative ways to enhance its services and standards.

We take pride in the fact that major of our clients appreciate the quality of our services and become our life long servicing customers with trustworthy relationships.

Ria Tours & Travels commits to employ and utilize its buying power and good relations with the airlines, hotels and related suppliers to optimize on your Company’s travel expenditure and keep service quality levels at the highest.

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Book yours holidays, flights, hotels, sigth seeings.

Cruises Cruises

We offer a wide array of quality cruises, and pride ourselves on delivering memorable vacations to our guests. Cruise offers not only outstanding value for the money, but most importantly, fun! A "Fun Ship" cruise features day and nighttime entertainment like stage shows, musical performances, casinos, accommodations, attentive service, delicious food , drink and more.

Dubai Dubai

Dubai sits on a golden sandy coastline in the Arabian Gulf, where the warm azure waves of the sea meet the desert. A high-rise oasis, this city is a pleasure-dome surrounded by dunes; one of the most fashionable on the planet thanks to its ability to satisfy the needs of legions of demanding vacationers. Dubai is about having fun—and it's one big adult playground.

" The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

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